FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is a compatible inkjet & toner cartridge?

Compatible ink and toner cartridges are specially manufactured to meet original (OEM) cartridge specifications. Go Inks compatible cartridges are manufactured to the very highest standards of quality and reliability, offering excellent results. They will normally print more than original cartridges, offering cheaper print rates per page.

What are the benefits of using Go Inks printer cartridges?

By choosing Go Inks, you will be saving money - purchasing a printer manufacturer’s cartridge will cost you a lot more than choosing a Go Inks branded cartridge. Our inks and toners are specifically formulated to match leading brand cartridges so the print quality is guaranteed to be just as good, we also offer free delivery for UK customers with international orders starting at £2.99 per order.

What is a toner cartridge?

A toner cartridge goes into a laser printer. It is toner (powder) based rather than ink. Mono (Black) laser printers require only one cartridge, while colour laser printers normally require 4 cartridges, one for each colour (black, cyan, magenta, yellow).

How to get the most out of you toner cartridge?

To get the most prints out off your toner cartridge depends on various factors including font size, best quality or draft, font style (bold, italic etc.) and the width of the page border. Printing in bold requires more toner to be put on the page thus not getting as many prints as you would like to get. If you’re printing documents for home use, the draft setting will save you more toner.

What is 5% coverage of the page?

All laser toner cartridges come with carbon power inside of the unit. The amount of toner powder determines how many prints you will receive. Our toner cartridges are filled to the same capacity as the original (OEM) toner cartridges, but at lower prices. A user can never determine how many prints they will actually get as they are not continuously printing the same document; toner cartridge page estimates are all based on 5% coverage. This means that if you only printed 5% of an A4 Page you will receive the amount off prints stated. A user will never print 5% off the page, an average user prints 50-60% which brings the amount off pages lower than specified.

How can I contact you?

Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we welcome constructive criticism and encourage customer feedback. You can get hold of us through email and phone, and we will try our best to resolve any problems that you have. Our details are below:

Phone - 01323 769999

E-mail - 

I have not used my printer for some time, and the printouts are of poor quality (streaky, missing colour), what can I do?

To resolve this, you need to perform a head clean/cleaning cycle using the software that was issued with your printer or the printer options - the print head in your printer or on your cartridge is most likely blocked. There are several of ways you can do this depending on the type of printer you are using - please consult your user manual for the correct method.

How should I store my cartridges?

Cartridges should be kept upright with the inkjet to the bottom and stored in a cool dark area. This keeps the cartridge print head/valve wet and prevents drying or clogging.

How long is the shelf life of ink cartridges?

If stored in the correct manner the shelf life of cartridges should be 2 years at least.

When should you replace cartridges?

It is normally recommended you should replace them before they run out (not when they are empty), as it will stop ink drying in the printer head between replacing them.

How can I maintain my laser printer?

You should perform checkups on your printer once a month, do this by:

  1. Unplugging your printer (so it is cool)
  2. Remove paper trays
  3. Open printer and remove cartridges (place it on disposable paper as ink may leak) and be careful in doing so
  4. Dry the interior with a cloth, (many printers provide a brush for hard to clean areas), if not a paintbrush will suffice
  5. Clean the rollers with a lightly damp cloth, to remove dirt from building up, you can also purchase printer cleaner sheets to do this


Any other maintenance tips?

Printer manufacturers recommend colour printing at least once a week, to help maintain print quality.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept American Express, Visa, MarsterCard and Paypal

What can I do if the printer does not recognise my cartridge?

The main cause of the cartridge showing as 'Incompatible' or 'Not recognised' is down to the copper chip on the cartridge not contacting correctly with the printer and detecting the cartridge as a non-original cartridge. In this case, please follow the following steps:

  1. Remove the cartridge(s) in question and turn the printer off.
  2. Leave the printer turned off for a few minutes.
  3. Give the chip on the cartridge a wipe/clean with a tissue to help remove and smudges or static than could be causing the problems (if the cartridge has no chip, go to step 4).
  4. Turn the printer back on.
  5. When prompted, install the cartridge(s) again, ensuring they are fitting in place correctly.
  6. If possible, try a cleaning operation and test print.

If you are still experiencing problems then please contact us by email at (Please include your order number) or on 01323 769999 and we can advise further.


Upgrading my firmware has stopped my cartridge working

Upgrading you printers firmware when a cartridge is installed can cause the cartridge to stop working. This is more common in HP printers although can be seen in other brands.

Downgrading the the firmware will enable the cartridge to start working again. You can also try removing the ink cartridge before the firmware upgrade.