3D Filament

What is 3D filament?

3D filament is a thread like or fibre object used by a 3D printer or pen for printing objects. It is fed into the devise where it is heated up and extruded by the nozzle. Normally 3D filament is plastic based with the most common versions being PLA & ABS.

3D Printer Filament Properties: PLA

  • Strength: High | Flexibility: Low | Durability: Medium
  • Difficulty to use: Easy
  • Print temperature: 180°C – 230°C
  • Print bed temperature: 20°C – 60°C (but not required)
  • Shrinkage/warping: Minimal
  • Soluble: No
  • Food safety: Refer to manufacturer guidelines
  • PLA is the base material used in many recreational filaments, such as those with conductive or glow-in-the-dark properties, and those infused with wood or metal


3D Printer Filament Properties: ABS

  • Strength: High | Flexibility: Medium | Durability: High
  • Difficulty to use: Medium
  • Print temperature: 210°C – 250°C
  • Print bed temperature: 80°C – 110°C
  • Shrinkage/warping: Considerable
  • Soluble: In esters, ketones, and acetone
  • Food safety: Not food safe
  • ABS is found in many manufactured household and consumer goods, including LEGO bricks and bicycle helmets!